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WELCOME, to the leading full-service Palo Alto CA discount real estate brokerage! (That's Pacific Century Realty owners Anny & Dan, to the left, enjoying a morning on the coast.)

We may not have had the privilege of meeting you in person yet but we can imagine that you're busy. So allow us to get right to the point:

If you are thinking of putting your Palo Alto home up for sale, consider this:

On average, a Palo Alto home seller who lists with us will save $36,000 on commissions.

A Palo Alto home seller who also purchases a new home through us saves, on average, more than $63,000.

But that's only the savings in terms of commissions and commission "rebates." If you factor in the higher selling price that we are typically able to obtain for sellers, the overall enhancement to the bottom line is well over $100,000!

Hey, "What part of SAVINGS don't you understand?" (smile). Depending on how you structure your transaction financially, this improved profitability can all be tax-free or at least tax-deferred.*

So ask yourself: How long does it take you to generate more than $100,000 in after-tax dollars? Do you really want to forfeit such a big chunk of change when there's no good reason to? Just think about all you could do with that extra money.

Will We Do Everything for You that a Traditional Brokerage Does?

Actually, we do MORE for you than the traditional full-commission brokerages. For a list of all the extra benefits, review our 25 Advantages page. And before you throw all that money away by listing with another brokerage, at least review our 10 Questions to Ask Agents page.

I could talk to you until I'm blue in the face about how much better a job we could do for you, how much time we could save you (in addition to improving your bottom line) and how much more pleasant your listing experience can be.

But don't take my word for it. Check out the dozens of signed Testimonials we've accumulated. I challenge you to find another agent or brokerage, traditional or discount, with so many signed testimonials, not just from satisfied clients but from colleagues who are agents at other companies (a large part of our success is due to our professional standing in the real estate community).

How can we do this? How can we manage to give you MORE FOR LESS, offering you a much better bottom line, for listing commissions as low as 1% (and buyer rebates of up to 50%)?**

We can do this thanks to our unique business model, based on the insurance industry's "good driver" discount concept.

In the insurance industry, the logic behind discounts for Good Drivers is universally accepted: Customers whose profiles indicate that the company is likely to realize some savings are entitled to some reward or rebate, in recognition of their benefits to the company's bottom line.

In the real estate industry, good customers receive no material reward for their benefits to the company's bottom line. Low-maintenance customers in effect subsidize the high-maintenance customers. Until now. Pacific Century Realty recognizes good customers, with generous rebates and discounts. Listing commissions as low as 1%, for Good Sellers. Rebates of up to 50% on commission earnings, for Good Buyers.**

So consider the question:

If Good Drivers Get Discounts on Car Insurance,
Why Shouldn't Good Home Buyers & Sellers
Get Rebates & Discounts When They Buy or Sell Houses?

We can't think of any good reason why not.

But is there a "catch" and, if so, what is it? Yes, in a way, there is: Of necessity, we must be SELECTIVE in the clients we accept.

That's how we're different from the traditional full-commission brokerages, which make the low-maintenance clients carry the weight of the high-maintenance customers, and the ordinary discounters who cut services along with commissions.

Companies in both categories are not selective in choosing their clients. They will take anyone. We do not, because our business model does not allow us to. That's how we can offer so many benefits to the clients we are in a position to assist, because they qualify for our special discount program.

What makes for a qualified client, in this framework? We've established ten key criteria. Three examples:

  • Internet/email literacy, because that saves us time and money
  • No history of real estate lawsuits (for obvious reasons)
  • Previous experience, buying or selling real estate

The more conditions you meet, the greater your discount or rebate.

Are you a Good Buyer or Good Seller? Call or email us today, to determine whether you qualify to save tens of thousands on your next real estate transaction, and to receive a free market evaluation of your property.

Call toll-free: 1-888-4PC-RLTY (1-888-472-7589) or email:

Save thousands when you buy or sell, with quality service ... at a discount!

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