How many other real estate professionals can provide you
with references like these, from both clients and colleagues?

"I have had the pleasure of working with PC Realty's managing broker for many years. He is one of the smartest and hardest working Realtors I have ever known (and I have been in real estate since 1981)! His methodology and strategies are immaculate and he is an expert at marketing through conventional means and the Internet. If I were selling my own home, Dan would be MY agent!
— Roger Dewes, Realtor, Coldwell Banker (International President's Elite), Burlingame

"My house had been previously listed with a well-known 'top producer' with one of the large national chains. The experience was a disaster. My listing was not well-presented and it didn't get the attention it needed or deserved. I got an offer that I accepted but the transaction was allowed to fall apart while in escrow, largely for want of adequate communication between my agent and the buyers' agent, though they belonged to the same company. Even the office managers appeared to be asleep at the wheel. As a result of this, I lost a great deal of money due to timing and also investment opportunity. In addition, I endured considerable aggravation, for no good reason. Fortunately, my experience with you was completely different. You presented the property very well and you applied the skill, good judgment and intelligence that facilitated a prompt, smooth sale. Part of the reason I decided to entrust my listing to you was your testimonial collection, so I would now like to contribute my own."
Dr. Inge Harding-Barlow, Palo Alto

"With all of our years of experience in buying and selling homes, we must say that Dan is the most trustworthy, organized, efficient and hardworking real estate agent we've ever dealt with. He is also skillful and an aggressive salesperson who gets the results you want. He's on your side and will get you the best price for your property. A real estate agent living next door who specializes in our neighborhood told us that we would have to settle for less than $900,000 for our house at the time we were selling. Dan managed to sell it for us for $1.1 million. He is a truly dedicated, thoughtful and flexible individual who really knows what he's doing, truly an expert in his field."
— Jonathan Yu & Christine King, Gilbert, AZ (formerly of Redwood City, CA)

"What initially sold us on your services was your fast response time and clear, straightforward answers to all our questions. What made us into raving fans was that you not only kept all your promises but actually overdelivered on them. Even when you had to drive considerable distances on short notice, you did not hesitate to do whatever would help us with our transaction. You were very thorough and conscientious, always providing detailed and informative answers to all our questions. By moving quickly, we got a good deal on our new home purchase and you also did a superb job helping us find an excellent tenant for our rental property. You can be sure that we will be recommending you to our friends."
Gaurav & Aparna Deshpande, San Ramon

"In a down market, when other houses around us were not selling, you helped us get an offer higher than our recently appraised value. Everything about your service was top-notch, including your negotiating strategies and skills. We especially appreciated your promptness and patience in answering all of our questions, so thoroughly, at all hours of the day and night. You managed to strike a perfect balance between advising us and following our instructions. Our experience with Pacific Century Realty could not have been more positive."
Wilson & Michelle Kee, Belmont (formerly of San Jose)

"As first-time homebuyers, my wife and I were very nervous initially about the prospect of becoming involved with a Realtor. The truth is that we had never met one we liked. We’re so thankful to our friend and colleague for having referred us to you. Our experience with you came as a tremendous relief. This happy outcome was in large part due to your experience, skill, dedication, patience and professionalism. You expertly guided us around a number of treacherous obstacles, any one of which could have derailed our goal of homeownership. You never gave up on us. Your honesty and integrity contrasted sharply with numerous unscrupulous and uncaring professionals we encountered at other organizations during the home-buying process. We feel extremely grateful that we had the opportunity to work with Pacific Century Realty and we highly recommend you to others."
Bill Webb, Ph.D., Sunnyvale

"This was not the first time we sold a home but it was the first time we sold under such challenging circumstances. Those were some very tough buyers and agents who presented themselves. They did not always play fairly or represent themselves honestly and they pushed very hard to buy our property for less than what we were willing to sell it for. It very quickly became apparent to us that we had made a good decision to hire you to handle our listing. All your innovative marketing, extra open houses, special signage, in-person meetings with presenting realtors, skillful negotiations, always keeping us well-informed, fielding calls and doing showings at all hours, taking such good care of the house and, ultimately, getting us satisfactory results ... We're truly grateful for everything you've done for us."
Tom & Tammy Petroski, San Jose (formerly of Foster City)

"We thank our lucky stars that we had you working on our behalf, to find us the home of our dreams. You scouted out an opportunity that other agents missed because it had not been properly categorized and then established the rapport with the seller/listing agent that enabled us to become the new owners, under favorable conditions. There were many challenges along the way but you handled them all masterfully, with amazing patience and tremendous goodwill. We have acquired a new appreciation for all the hard work, the skill and the long hours that go into a transaction like this. Some day, we hope to be able to afford even more but in the meantime, we are thrilled to be where we are. We still have to pinch ourselves periodically to believe that this place is really ours. Bless your heart!!!"
Charlotte St. James & Sharon Gray, San Carlos

"We found Pacific Century Realty through an Internet search and were impressed by the marketing materials used to promote their listings, as well as the signed testimonials. We decided to list with Pacific Century with the expectation that a discount broker would provide less than full service. However, we continually found ourselves asking, 'In what way is this discount?' Our house was aggressively marketed using top quality photos and well-written content. Dan was available at all hours to answer our questions, responding quickly and professionally to all inquiries about our property. He continually surpassed our expectations, even to the point of happily holding an unscheduled open house with less than three hours’ notice after we changed our minds. We received multiple offers after being on the market two weeks. Dan patiently guided us through each one, pointing out both benefits and potential pitfalls. His keen negotiation skills were evident after we accepted an offer for over asking price, getting us a one-month lease back for free. We whole-heartedly recommend Pacific Century to anyone who wants a great full-service broker."
Liz Newton & Ashley Smith, Sunnyvale

"As a home and termite inspector, with a background as a contractor, I have met countless real estate agents. Only one of them consistently took the trouble to educate his clients and involve them in the process, always going to bat for them even when it meant more work for himself. Only one of them will be the one that I turn to when I myself need a real estate agent and that one is you!"
John Hendrix, licensed contractor & home inspector, San Jose

"You got my house sold the day after listing it. You got it sold over the listing price, when I was prepared to sell for less, knowing that the market was very slow. You saved the deal from falling apart when the first appraisal did not work out and the buyers' loan agent goofed up. You made everything so easy for me and helped me at every step along the way. You did more than always keep your promises. You did many extra things. You also saved me a LOT of money! I could not be more pleased with your service. If ever I buy another house in the Bay Area, I will come back to you."
James Lin Tsao, China (formerly of San Jose)

"We made a big mistake by not taking your advice at the very beginning. Your valuation and assessment of the marketplace was proven correct. Unfortunately for us, we lost several months in the process of facing up to reality. We are grateful to you for sticking with us and not dropping the listing when it was burdensome or changing the terms of our agreement after the initial period expired. You worked incredibly hard and were always fighting for us, putting our interests above your own, even though we didn't always deserve it. Taking in our packages for us, cleaning, gardening: You helped us out in ways we would not have expected even from long-time friends. We owe you."
Nathan & Margaret Archer, Alviso

"As a first-time homebuyer, I never realized how many potential problems and pitfalls there could be in a real estate transaction, especially with the financing. Even with great credit and sizable down payment, so many things could go wrong on the financing end. Having a skilled agent working on my behalf and always looking out for my interests was invaluable. You guided me expertly through the process, enabling me to get a great deal on a terrific new home. You were always available, to answer questions and provide support when it was needed. You always went the extra mile, to protect my best interests. Fortunately for me, you actually did more work to get my loan approved than the loan agent! You can be sure I'll be referring my friends to you, as well as coming back to you some day, for my next new home or investment property."
Victor K. Tam, Ph.D., San Jose

"We were truly blown away by the quality and level of service we got from Pacific Century Realty. A friend of ours who is a real estate agent told us that, with the discounts you were offering, you would not be able to provide full service and you would not cooperate fully with other agents. Boy, was she ever wrong! I would say that you went BEYOND full service and you certainly made heroic efforts to cooperate with other agents. You were available for us at all times of the day and night, weekdays and weekends, always patiently and thoroughly answering our questions. Getting frequent updates made us feel 'connected' with the process and was very reassuring. We will be recommending you highly to our friends and family in the Bay Area."
David & Veronica Christensen, Salt Lake City area (formerly of San Jose)

"You made buying my first house a joy. You were always available to discuss whatever concerns I had, promptly and to whatever degree of depth I wanted. The rapport you establish with listing agents made it possible for me to get a good deal on the house that turned out to be the best fit for me. My only regret is not having asked you to refer me to someone to do my loan. That would have saved me a lot of time and trouble but I appreciate the fact that you never tried to push anything on me that I didn’t want or wasn’t ready for. I also appreciate the fact that you didn’t stop helping me after close of escrow. You earned my trust and for that reason, I recommend you wholeheartedly to anyone who wants a top-notch Realtor to help him turn his dreams into reality."
— David Gale, Union City

"We can't tell you how much we appreciate having had you as our listing agent. Your even temperedness helped keep us calm when we most needed it and your skills in dealing with the challenges that came up were critical to the happy ending."
— Jennifer Woods Jackson, Morgan Hill (formerly of San Jose)

"I had every intention of selling my condo, until I suddenly came to the realization that it was not a good idea for me to move, after all. After weeks of hard work and putting up with all my crankiness, you cheerfully released me from the listing agreement, without penalty. I know I wasted a lot of your time but instead of harsh words, you gave me hugs. God bless you."
Arlene Harper, San Bruno

"I want to thank you for the superb job you did with helping me sell my house. I really appreciate the way you were able to help me at every step along the way, arranging for inspections, repairs, staging, etc. Everyone you got involved was really good and you made the whole thing so easy for me. You cared for my home like it was your own. Feel free to use me as a reference at any time."
Jo Long, South San Francisco

"Thank you for helping us get a great deal on a foreclosure investment that is like a dream come true for us: a beautiful newer house in an improving area. We needed a lot of help because we are new to this and you helped us at every step, including finding good tenants to rent to. You are very patient and also very knowledgeable. We will always remember that several years ago, you discouraged us from buying another investment property after your research revealed a possible engineering problem. You protected our interests, even though that meant you lost your commission. This kind of honesty and reliability is hard to find."
Peng Xu & Yaxin Zhang, Foster City

"You helped us sell our house for a price that all the local agents swore would not be possible! We were especially impressed with your negotiation skills and strategies. To our great relief, when the buyers and their agent started giving us a hard time, you knew exactly how to get them to behave. We got a lot of compliments from everyone on how well our property was marketed, including the wondeful property address website you did for us."
Mark & Janice Lawrence, Half Moon Bay

"We did not expect the homebuying process to be as challenging as it was. There were so many unexpected developments: multiple offer situations, overbidding, uncooperative sellers and listing agents, misleading advertising and issues with coordinating our financing, to name a few. We had been working with a Realtor who sort of lost patience with us and became unwilling to write our offers the way we wanted them written. We really appreciate all the good will and patience you demonstrated throughout the process, getting answers to all our questions and giving us the guidance we needed, at all times of the day and night. I counted more than 200 email exchanges during the past three months. Thank you for all your help. I hope we can keep in touch."
Sujoy Ghosh, Santa Clara

"When I called on you to list my condo, I needed help with more than just putting it on the market and finding a buyer. I needed guidance about how to prepare our home to appeal to buyers. Thanks to your help with all the details, our home looked great. In fact, it looked so good that we even thought about buying it back ourselves and staying there! When the perfect buyer emerged, he was rejected by several banks for a mortgage because of his immigration status. But you kept calling one loan agent after another, until you finally found someone with a program that could make the sale work. When other units in our complex were not selling, you managed to achieve what other Realtors could not. Your multi-lingual abilities were definitely a big plus, too."
David Ford, Cupertino

"Your level of expertise and attention to detail surpassed our expectations at every step along the way .... You always went the extra mile, going above and beyond minimum requirements. Throughout the process, you were thoughtful, patient, diligent and totally professional, always on top of things, masterfully coordinating, taking a relatively inexperienced buyers' agent by the hand, making sure that everything was attended to and went smoothly. We especially appreciate the way you were so responsive to all our questions and concerns, always positive, with a great attitude. We liked your style during the open houses, greeting each visitor, engaging them without being pushy and following up with everyone who showed some interest in the property. Many agents try to move a property quickly, in the interest of saving time and getting their commission sooner rather than later. Your goal was always, first and foremost, to be responsive to our needs and get the best price from a qualified buyer. You worked every step of the way to ensure this, even though it meant more time and energy on your part. Your focus on and dedication to your clients' interests and to doing everything right came above all else, and is unmatched in our experience. We were also pleasantly surprised by the innovative marketing techniques that we had never seen used before, which undoubtedly helped to bring in the excellent offer that we accepted. The next time we want to buy or sell property, we will look no further than Pacific Century Realty. Your superlative service has earned you loyal customers for life."
Dominic & Julie Sartorio, Fremont (formerly of Belmont)

"Dan helped us find exactly the house we wanted, one that met all the particular requirements for our special-needs child. He listened well and acted quickly. He was patient and skillful throughout the process. He followed up conscientiously, to make sure that all of our conditions had been met."
— Wayne Volkmuth & Tety Djaja-Volkmuth, Foster City

"Dan is extremely knowledgeable, patient and calm. He answered our emails almost immediately, even late at night. Dan has a multi-cultural team that could speak many different languages. Dan's online marketing and open house techniques got us multiple offers in the first week of listing. We had an extremely challenging buyers' agent to deal with but Dan was patient and professional the entire time. I would not hesitate to recommend Dan to anyone in Santa Clara County."
— Tom Jackson, Morgan Hill (formerly of San Jose)

"You helped us find and buy our dream house at a price that we later discovered was more than $100,000 below market value. We had been unable to find anything in our price range that excited us. Using your special knowledge of the marketplace, you found what turned out to be a perfect solution for us. And during a period with low inventory when most houses were being overbid by 10 to 20 percent, we got the house without any overbidding or special concessions to the seller. You were there for us every step of the way, protecting our interests and helping us avoid potentially dangerous mistakes. I feel sorry for the sellers, whose agent was often out of town and too busy to be there for them, after she got the listing. It really can make a big difference who helps you with your real estate transaction. Not all real estate agents or brokers are the same. We're so glad we were able to have you represent us. We are now working with you, to help us find investment properties."
— Michael & Jenny Lo, La Honda

"As a 17-year real estate veteran and former top producer with Century 21, I was very impressed with the job you did selling our home. Coming from me, believe me, that's quite a compliment!"
— Evelyn Kim, South Korea (formerly of Palo Alto)

"I guess it was just my good luck that I happened to meet you at your open house and work with you to make my offer. I never imagined that there could be so many issues relating to the financing, to cause things to stretch out for so long. Fortunately, you were able to convince the seller to be patient and then to work out a special agreement, so I could move into my new home as a tenant first, before the sale was complete. You always took the time to explain everything clearly and make sure that I was comfortable with everything. After the sale, even though you had no more official responsibility, you made a special effort to help me get back my deposit. I probably would not have gotten that money without your help. Thank you for everything you have done for me."
Seri Ngernwattana, Hayward

"You are my hero! A full price, all cash offer, just days after going on market. A smooth and speedy, picture-perfect close of escrow, in just two weeks. What more could I have asked for?I figure you saved me more than $30,000 in commissions and improved my bottom line by close to $200,000. On top of that, all the extra services you cheerfully provided, which were clearly beyond the scope of your obligations, were much appreciated. People should be beating down your door to list with you."
— Rose Ravenswood, Palo Alto

"Daniel Berman is a magician. He has been able to do things for us that we did not think were possible. He always follows up as promised and 'goes the extra mile,' to give us more than we expect. We feel fortunate that he is our real estate broker."
— John & Janet Stone, San Mateo

"We really appreciate the excellent job you did for us, in helping us purchase our new home and at such a good price. You always made yourself available to patiently respond to all our concerns and endless questions, by phone, email and in person. At the end of the process, I counted 88 emails I had sent to you, often with multiple questions in each. You responded promptly and thoroughly to every one of them! We especially appreciated the many creative solutions you offered and the special services, like scheduling an entire day to meet with different contractors, individually and then get their competitive bids. It was quite impressive, the way you persuaded the seller to agree to fill in the swimming pool and make other changes to the property while we were in escrow. We also appreciate the cultural sensitivity you showed throughout the process. We know from working with other agents that what you provide is exceptional. We recommend you wholeheartedly to anyone who wants to get the best possible representation in buying or selling a home."
— Subbarao & Rajeshwary Jaldu, San Jose

"We wish to express a high level of gratitude and satisfaction ... for the services provided in the listing, showing and eventual sale of our home. Having not sold a home in almost 20 years, we were certainly not up to speed on the latest regulations and nuances of selling in today’s market. You provided clear direction, mapping out a brilliant preparation and listing strategy, which culminated into a successful sale .... Your assuring yet straight forward demeanor provided a basis for our piece of mind in knowing that all interactions with agents and potential buyers would be conducted in a most professional manner and with our best interests in mind. The sale of our home took much less time than anticipated, sold for a higher price than expected—and the savings on commission was a significant bonus. Interestingly, we came to know you through a friend’s referral following a brief discussion on the sale of their home. We have already provided several of our friends with your contact information and will continue to do so in the future. Thanks again for your excellent representation."
— Mike & Lorena Riche, Ogden, Utah (formerly of Mountain View)

"Dan helped me achieve my dream of homeownership through a special City program that required a lot of extra coordination between the various parties involved. Whenever emotions were running high, he was always a calming influence, with a practical solution for every new problem that popped up. While signing the documents at the title company, Dan caught a mistake on the part of the escrow officer, saving me more than $3,000! Many real estate agents don't even show up for those signings. I'm sure glad that I had Dan there, to watch out for me."
— Stephen B. Olson, San Francisco

"Mi familia y yo estamos muy agradecidos y satisfechos con el trabajo q' Daniel realico en la compra de nuestra primera casa, sin su eficiencia, responsabilidad y dedicacion nuestro sueño no hubiese sido posible. Recomendamos a Daniel Berman de una manera incondicional."
— Sergio & Lidbia Salguera, Daly City

"For more than two years, we had been bidding unsuccessfully on houses we wanted to buy. Our bids were always rejected. It got to be very frustrating. We thought we would never be able to buy. Then a friend of ours referred us to Daniel Berman. The very first offer he helped us with was successful. We later learned that our offer had not been the highest offer. Another buyer was offering more money. But our offer received the best presentation. Daniel drove some distance to present our offer in person, while the other offer came in by fax. The seller’s agents were convinced that the transaction would be smoother and more assured with Daniel representing the buyers, so the listing agents recommended to the seller that she accept our offer, which she did. After escrow closed, Daniel spent a lot of time following up with us, making sure that all details had been attended to, like the installation of our security system, which had been delayed. We're so glad our friends referred us to the right person!"
— Shu Wei Chen & Li Chang Chen, Castro Valley

"My husband says that I'm hard to please as a customer. I guess you could say I have high standards when it comes to customer service, especially for selling something as significant as a home. Since we found you on the Internet, I was a little skeptical about getting into the listing agreement. But the exceptional quality of service you provided, in all respects, quickly converted me into a big fan. We were particularly impressed with your resourcefulness and calm and reassuring manner in dealing with the many challenges that came up along the way. It's quite rare these days to receive your level of customer service, in any type of business.You sold our townhome for more than we expected and saved us a lot on the commission, too. We definitely will recommend you to anyone needing your services."
— Kim Shimazaki, Palo Alto (formerly of Mountain View)

"We realize you are probably the only real estate broker in the entire state of California who cheerfully spends entire days driving a single client to Fresno, to find an ideal investment opportunity. Your resourcefulness and creativity amazed us: The way you arranged a meeting with a local police officer, who spent an entire afternoon with us, giving us a thorough briefing on the area, introducing us to the Neighborhood Watch coordinator and advising us as to how to increase the security of the building for our future tenants, to avoid potential problems .... We never expected to find a real estate broker who would help us with that level of conscientiousness and thoroughness, the way that one would only expect of a family member."
— James & Nancy Tsai, Fremont

"We want to express our sincere appreciation for the level of service that you provided with the purchase of our new home. As first-time homebuyers, there was a lot to learn about the process, as well as some handholding while walking [us] through the process. You were always available. I remember meeting with you at restaurants and coffee shops to answer our questions and review documents. In addition to your availability, some other qualities we value with your service include: Patience. You never rushed us through the process and took whatever time we needed to respond to our questions and concerns. Listener. It was very clear that you listened to us; clear in that you listened as much or more than you spoke, and it was obvious that you listened whenever you provided suggestions or direction. Resourceful. We found out that you are a one-stop shop when it comes to real estate. Beyond offering your real estate expertise, you also have personal colleagues who have related services. For example, you introduced us to a personal colleague in the finance arena who we were quite impressed with. Both you and your colleague are people we want to have as friends beyond the professional services provided. You also suggested creative solutions when we came across adverse situations with other parties. Dan, we felt like valued clients with you. We are pleased to have met you and represent us with the purchase of our new home. We look forward to continuing the friendship and looking to you again whenever we purchase our next home. Warmest regards ...."
— Tom Odachi
, Hayward

"We would like to express our sincere appreciation to you for the outstanding way in which you handled the sale of our home in Mountain View. Your communication throughout the process was exceptional, as well as your marketing of our home. We could not have made a better choice of listing agent. You skillfully negotiated the sale of our home at our asking price in a difficult market. You took a lot of the stress out of the process with your experienced counsel and handling of the closing process. We look forward to referring other clients to you in the future."
— Joyce & Jack Woods, Morgan Hill (formerly of Mountain View)

"We would like to thank you and your associates for finding and financing our dream rental property. Your free investment seminar helped us get started. We were thrilled to find a beautiful house below market value the first day we went on tour with you. You established excellent rapport with the listing agent, which we know was instrumental in getting us a good deal on the property. You expertly resolved all issues along the way, even those that were not your responsibility. You found a superb property management company for us, which got us a one-year lease with great tenants at a monthly rent that is $500 more than what we expected. Is it any wonder that we came back to you two months later, to buy a second income property?"
— Rob & Lisa Trabert, San Leandro

"We compliment you especially on your attention to detail. You were always on top of the situation, making sure that things were being done correctly, to safeguard our interests. We also appreciated your thorough open house reports and your willingness to hold additional open houses on the days that we preferred. We are confident that you helped us achieve the best possible outcome under existing market conditions."
— Stan & Vicki Wyne, Morro Bay/Nipomo (formerly of Castro Valley)

"We want to thank you again for helping us find our first home. Working with you was very easy and pleasant. Your expertise helped us overcome the fears we had as first-time buyers. We also appreciate all the follow-up and extra support you provided, after escrow closed and the transaction was over. One year later, the house you helped us buy has appreciated more than $100,000 in value!"
— Lucy Lin & Bhimsingh Wadhwa, Redwood City

"For many years, it was our dream to open our own Bay Area business, an Asian restaurant, where we could work together as a family and achieve financial success, as we contribute to the community. We will be forever grateful to you for helping us realize this long-held and important dream. It was your skill and expertise, in combination with your tremendous patience, at all the many steps along the way that made the opening of Sushi Infinity possible. Locating the perfect space, performing the business analysis, researching the many details, negotiating with the landlord’s agent, counseling us with regard to the numerous aspects of establishing a new business . . . you were like a one-stop shop for everything we needed. You put us in touch with the local neighborhood organization and city redevelopment agency, made phone calls on our behalf, participated in various appointments and interviews, even helped with selection of our business name and logo. Beyond all that, it was your genuine warmth and enthusiasm for our success that touched us most deeply."
— Helen Hsiu-mei Hsu & Family, Campbell

"You found the perfect place for us, literally within just hours of my query! The results far exceeded my expectations and we are most grateful to you for your efforts. Thank you for your contribution to the Humane Society, not just in terms of locating the facility for us but also with regard to all the valuable guidance you provided throughout the process."
Carole Hyde (Executive Director, Palo Alto Humane Society), Menlo Park

"We really appreciate your expert assistance and energetic work in our search for a rental. Your help with our credit situation has been extremely valuable. It's unusual to find a real estate broker who is so knowledgeable about consumer credit, who is willing and able to help his clients boost their [FICO] scores. This will save us money on our loan payments. When we are in a position to purchase property, we will call upon you. In the meantime, we will be inviting you to our home, on a social basis."
— John & Yvonne Stamatakis, Millbrae

"Your high-tech Website helped us tremendously in our search for property in this area. We saved a lot of time and we enjoyed the convenience of having all the new listings that fit our parameters collected for us automatically. You helped make the home-buying process both easy and fun!"
— Arthur & Betty Ku, Foster City

"Dan Berman goes many, many more miles than the 'extra mile.' A thorough, caring, kind, sincere and exceptional individual. I would feel very confident putting anyone in his hands for any reason or for assistance of any kind. He is also very thorough and patient in the way he communicates. Completely trustworthy."
— Mary Sanichas, Oakland

"[G]enerously shares of himself and is truly interested in helping people .... highly knowledgeable in a wide range of professional areas. I personally have relied upon his expertise with excellent results."
— Frederick W. Daily (attorney-at-law), San Francisco

"Daniel is one of the most patient, amiable, meticulous and energetic persons I have ever met. He manages to solve even the most tedious problems with good-natured humor. I trust him completely, knowing that he is always working hard to protect my best interests."
— Lan-Fong Li, Richmond

"My [investment] property was listed with other real estate companies for a couple of years. In all that time, they never brought me a decent offer. Just days after meeting with Dr. Berman, he brought me a very good offer from qualified buyers who closed escrow without any problem. The service I got ... was also far superior .... Dr. Berman did more than I would have expected to protect my interests, save me money and arrange everything according to my convenience. Any buyer or seller would be fortunate to have him as their broker."
— Jimmy C. Wong, Santa Rosa

"I found Dan to be exactly the type of Realtor I was looking for: atypical in that he was not pushy but extremely methodical and efficient. He listened to MY needs and responded to MY requests. He made me feel that I was selling my house to my best advantage."
— Joy Van Heusen, San Jose

"Dan listens to and understands the needs of his clients."
— Lorraine Filomeno, Houston, TX

"Your contribution to the Chinese community is outstanding. No other real estate broker in the area is able to represent Chinese-speaking clients at your level, bridging the two cultures with your special expertise."
— George & Maria Wang, Palo Alto

"It has been great working with you. You are totally a pro and a true gentleman. Hope we can do it again. I would be honored to serve as a professional reference for you. "
Weda Gray, REO listing agent, Coldwell Banker

"Thank you for the outstanding job that you have done, in all the transactions that we have been involved with together this year. Your level of professionalism and honesty is rarely encountered. Working with you is both a pleasure and a privilege."
— Max Yu, Realtor, Century 21

"We are pleased to acknowledge an outstanding real estate broker with whom we recently had the pleasure of closing a transaction in Castro Valley. In spite of the distance between his home base of operation and the subject property, he was present to personally represent his clients, the buyers, at each and every inspection, as well as the closing at the title company and the transfer of keys. Daniel made himself available at all times during the transaction, to respond promptly and completely to all our questions. He more than delivered on all his promises. We only wish that more Realtors would be performing at the same level. How nice to have a smooth transaction and work with such a professional. It is with the utmost confidence that we will make client referrals to him, for buyers and sellers in his immediate area."
— Jay & Evelyn Boyd, Realtors, RE/MAX in Motion

"Your communication skills are most impressive. This was the first time I received so much useful information by way of regular email updates .... which made it so much easier for me to represent my clients, buyers, who were interested in your listing."
— Christine Rosenfeld, Realtor, Cashin Company

"Daniel: Thank you for the superb job you did, to make the sale of 832 8th Avenue in Redwood City such a smooth transaction. Your calm and thorough professionalism was appreciated so much. The ability to maintain such excellent rapport with everyone involved is a rare talent. I hope we have the opportunity to work together again soon."
— Joanie Kay, Realtor, Terrace Associates

"I commend you for the thorough job ... you did on behalf of your clients. Your thoroughness, professionalism and attention to detail represent the standard that every real estate agent should meet but seldom does in actual practice."
— Dale Dockins, Realtor, Polley, Polley & Madsen

"It was a pleasure to work with Dan Berman. Dan was thorough in his information gathering for his clients and the transaction was smooth because of Dan's ability to explain the property and its unique characteristics to his clients. I look forward to working with Dan again. Dan takes responsibility for getting his job done meticulously."
— Judy Freedman, Realtor, Frank Howard Allen

"I was very pleased with your regular communication and your availability. It's so much easier to work with someone who is so reliable and promptly returns all phone calls."
— Angelica Ramirez, Realtor, EXIT Realty

"I enjoyed working with Daniel. He is very personable, professional and very well-organized, with a caring attitude towards his clients and others involved. I look forward to working with him in the future for many more successful transactions! Thanks again, Daniel."
Zeba Siddiqui, Realtor/Loan Consultant, Century 21 Alpha

"Thank you for your hard work, in facilitating this transaction. Your knowledge and experience made a difficult transaction run smoothly, resulting in a successful completion. It was truly a pleasure working with you!
— Phil Ma, Realtor, First Standard Realty

"His experience and depth of knowledge made working with Dan a real pleasure, despite a very difficult transaction."
— Geri Mae Sih, Realtor, TRI Realty

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